Here we have put some screens of the application and detailed description of the features in the app. We hope this will help you get started with the app quicker and enjoy all the features of the app.

Login to application

Enter your phone number. Do not add 0 or country code before your phone number. Only your phone number. If you want to change country code then tap on the country code text.

Check your inbox for a message with verification code.

Username is unique and maximum 15 charecters length.

Display name you can put any name you want. Its not unique.

Add a friend

Here we will learn how to add a friend to share a photo.

Tap on the + icon to go to friend add screen.

Click on "Add a contact".

Here you will see your phonebook contacts who are already using onesnaps and others who do not.

If you click on "Username" you will see this screen, here you can type a username of your friend to add them as your friend.

After you type a name and it automatically search the user and you can click on "add" or "+" icon to add them as friend.

Click on "Phonebook to comeback to phone book section"

Here you can click on the "+" icon next to friends who are using Onesnaps, to add a friend. And click on the Green Envelop icon to invite your friends.

After a friend is added click on back button on top in iPhone or the Device back button in Android to come back to the camera screen. Here you can see the newly added friends.

To create groups, tap on the "+" icon here and then click on "Create group" in the pop up box.

Here you can type a group name. Then select friends from the list. And finally click on the Tick mark icon on top right corner to create a group.

Photo sharing

After adding friends and groups to the label, we will see how to share photos.

Click on the name of your friend or group to take a picture and send it to them.

After you click on a name or Label as we call it, Photo will be taken by camera. You can see the captured photo as preview in the top camera section. You can see a timer running at top right corner. This is photo preview time. It can be changed inside settings to any number. Or if you do not want to preview the photo but send instantly, then set the time as 0.

You can click on the red colored cross icon to cancel sending the photo while seeing the preview.

If you want to send a photo by adding some custom filter or some text, emoji, then you can take photo by clicking anywhere on the camera screen.

After you click on camera screen, a photo will be taken and here you can edit the photo. Simply click on the emoji icon to add a emoji on top of the photo. Or click on the pencil icon to draw some thing on the photo or Click on the "A" icon to write some text. Finally hit send button.

Here you can select a friend or multiple friends or groups to send the photo.

Inbox screen

Any photo sent or received will be shown here as a list. Clicking on a list item will take you to the photo. There you can view the photo and chat with the friend who sent or received the photo.

This is your chat screen where you can type and send text messages to friend and discuss about the photo.